Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Up until now, I've been trying to figure out how exactly the IB Java API works. It's been an interesting process. I'm also starting to wonder the best way to incorporate it. Almost none of the functionality of normal sage is obviously asynchronous (if you don't count dsage). I'm wondering what's the best way to encorporate this type of model. To nutshell it, I'm wondering what parts of the API we actually need since the normal functionality of the IB API is seemingly not at all what we want... i.e. Implementing the EWrapper interface does not seem to be a reasonable goal (reasonably doable, just pointless to do the whole thing. - I don't think we're interested in getting a price tick every second, but maybe, I need to clarify with William.

Going back and forth between XML-RPC and Google Protocal Buffers seemed to be a waste of time because in the end, the GPB code genereated by protoc was not builidable. Potentially my fault, but even following the tutorial yielded code that didn't build. I also had real problems just compiling the examples.


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